Leed Building Materials


SustainaBuild implements the MasterFormat 2004 Edition Numbers & Titles into its audit and inventory process.

LEED Canada and Recycled Building Materials

Attention Building Owners and Managers

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SustainaBuild Auditors are trained and authorized to consult with building owners and managers in keeping with project LEED objectives or Sustainable Development Strategies of deferring reusable building materials from the landfill and on generating net revenues within an approved schedule.

SustainaBuild provides inventory audits and site explorations on redevelopment projects such as the demolition of complete buildings and structures, office fit ups, theatres and movie companies, commercial leasehold improvements, schools and post secondary institutes, hospitals, shopping centers, manufacturer surplus, building envelope conversions, & mechanical/electrical equipment.

Preliminary Building System Evaluation

  • Determine the need for a pre deconstruction audit early in the design phase
  • Allow time for end users to be identified and to develop an inventory of materials that can be used in reconstruction or retained for redevelopment

Pre-Deconstruction / Devolumization Audit

  • Reduce land-filling of building material, as well as demolition, disposal and transport cost
  • Generate a real time web based inventory listing with digital images for Internet marketing
  • Determine inventory devolumization potential by exploration of site (wall, floor and roof)
  • Liaison with the design, specification / management team & provide final research report
  • Determine the net worth, volume and weight of reusable materials from the project;

Summary of Services

  • Pre-Deconstruction Audit and Inventory with digital images interior and exterior;
  • Specifications include a description of the inventory, its size, condition, location & digital image grid; manufacture detail, volume & weight; and owner retention.
  • On-Site Discovery Explorations to determine the ease of deconstruction;
  • Project Consultation to Integrate Deconstruction as Compared to Demolition;
  • Final Report preparation and submission to the project management team to determine a potential owner retain list;
  • End User Identification and submission of required deconstruction work plans;
  • Quantification of the cost savings of the Deconstruction Process relative to the cost of Traditional Demolition and Disposal Methods; and
  • Conduct Extended Life Cycle Research and Report on Reconstructed Inventory to determine reductions in Green House Gas Emissions and Remanufacture Energy.

Specification Consulting

  • Consult with the building owner and/or the project management team to determine the most cost effective process for maximizing the diversion of building materials from landfill
  • Identify and confirm end users for the audited inventory and consult on the tender for deconstruction as compared to demolition
  • Document site-specific statistics to establish benchmark reuse and recycle data inclusive of extended life cycle reporting (deconstruction also generates diverse waste streams)
  • Consult on reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and energy by avoiding remanufacture

Contact an Audit Consultant at admin@leedbuildingmaterials.ca to discuss your project.

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